Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors towards Wine Purchases: Introduction to the Research

Penn State Extension Wine & Grapes U.

By: Abby Miller (Graduate Student at Penn State University)

Wineries are continuing to spring up in the Mid-Atlantic region (Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey). With more wineries entering the industry, it is essential to understand consumer preferences regarding wine produced within this region and others. Through an Internet survey conducted 20-25 September 2013, 1,183 participants answered questions concerning their wine purchasing and consumption attitudes and behaviors and their demographic and socioeconomic status. Panelists were screened for being at least 21 years old, residing in one of the targeted states (New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania), and for having purchased and drank wine at least once within the previous year.

July 2014_Wine barrells

The two graphs below depict some of the demographic information for survey participants. Figure 1 compares the age ranges of participants (e.g., age 21 to 24) based on their gender. A greater proportion of the survey respondents were female (63%)…

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