Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors towards Wine Purchases: Demographics

Penn State Extension Wine & Grapes U.

By: Abby Miller

2  Demographics Vineyards_Winery

Before delving into the data collected during a 15-minute Internet survey conducted to quantify wine purchasing and consumption and wine consumers’ social media use, it will be beneficial to describe respondents who participated. As a reminder, 1,183 wine consumers, between ages 21 and 64, who had purchased and drank wine at least once within the previous year, and who resided in New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania participated in the study.

Of the 1,183 participants, 62.9% were female. Survey responses from our female participants will provide great insight as women make a majority of wine purchases in the United States (Tinney, 2014). The majority of participants, 58.5%, were married or in a partnership, followed by 33% who were single.

Participants were asked to select the category that best described their 2012 annual household income. According to the U.S. Census Bureau (, in 2012, 24.3% of household incomes…

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