Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors towards Wine Purchases: Purchase Patterns

Penn State Extension Wine & Grapes U.

By: Abby Miller

This post describes survey participant purchasing patterns and outlets from which wines were purchased. Based on data collected from 1,183 consumers who participated in an Internet survey (20-25 September 2013), participants purchased wine anywhere from “daily,” to “a few times a week,” to only “a few times a year.” Outlets where consumers purchased wine differed depending on their state of residence, specific wine variety purchased, and other attributes.

Wine store Wine store

Figure 1 depicts the percent distribution of how often consumers reported purchasing wine annually. The group with the greatest percentage of participants, 34.1% of respondents, indicated that they purchased wine “a few times a year,” followed by those who purchased wine “once a month” (22.4%). Though it is the smallest category, 2.2% of participants responded that they purchased wine “daily.” Although 2.2% is a small percentage, there are some consumers that purchase wine every day, which can…

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