Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors towards Wine Purchases: Marketing & Social Media

Penn State Extension Wine & Grapes U.

By: Abby Miller

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Marketing is a key strategy for wineries, one that cannot be ignored, and using social media to inform consumers about the winery, wines, and events is an excellent way to build relationships with customers. John Gillespie, founder and CEO of Wine Opinions, stated that two-thirds of core wine drinkers (those who drink wine at least once a week) and 40% of marginal wine drinkers (those who drink wine less frequently) use the Internet in some form to get information about wine (Guenther, 2013). More than half of all wine drinkers are on Facebook; 25% use YouTube and Twitter (Nichols, 2011). The focus of this post will be to alert the industry about the Mid-Atlantic wine consumer’s use of social media and how important it is for wineries to develop an online presence (it’s really important, by the way!).

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Many wineries are unsure whether social media will…

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